Jason’s links for 8 October 2014

Jacob Zuma and Nkandla with a twist.


This is a satirical piece of Jacob Zuma and Nkandla , courtesy of the Gatsby. Nkandla    has been all over the news for the last year and everything about it has been way too serious. This article talked to me in the sense that no matter how serious a case or an event is – there is always something that you can get out of it that can make you laugh. Read more right here: http://www.thegatsby.co.za/2013/11/07/when-criticism-gets-me-down-i-like-to-get-away-to-the-awesome-man-cave-you-bought-me-by-j-g-zuma/

Just another waste of government funds…The Free State website’s home button allegedly costs more than an average home. This just goes to show how people can use government funding inappropriately. The home button apparently cost R300 000. Read more right here: http://www.thegatsby.co.za/2013/03/04/home-button-on-free-state-provincial-website-costs-more-than-actual-home/

The Six Million Zim Dollar Man Zimbabwean scientists yesterday unveiled an ambitious new crime fighting initiative in the form of a high-tech bionic agent who will assist police with investigations as well as tackle individual cases. Dubbed “The Six Million Zim Dollar Man”, the cybernetically enhanced operative was designed and constructed at a cost of nearly $US 11,000 after treasury officials approved the project early last year. Read more right here http://www.thegatsby.co.za/2014/02/14/zimbabwe-builds-six-million-zim-dollar-man/



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